How many standard drinks to help stay under 0.05 whil driving?

  • First hour - 2 drinks

  • Every hour after that - 1 drink


  • First hour - 1 drink

  • Every hour after that - 1 drink

Road Deaths Australia, Monthly Bulletin; May 2008

Road Deaths Australia is a monthly bulletin presenting the latest fatal road crash data as well as recent historical comparisons. It is produced using monthly data supplied by the eight states and territories.

  • There was a total of 109 road deaths in May 2008.
    - this is a 19.3 per cent decrease from the May 2007 figure.

  • There have been 582 road deaths in 2008 to the end of May.
    - this is an 13.8 per cent decrease from the same 5 month period in 2007.

Some transport buses and activities

The subsidy is available for eligible school buses to fit lap/sash seatbelts and perform any other associated engineering work including wheelchair restraint systems. All work is required to meet the national vehicle standards under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and/or state/territory vehicle modification requirements as applicable.

An eligible bus is a newly manufactured or existing school bus in the operators fleet. It does not include a bus recognised as a coach bus. The bus must be approved by a state/territory government for, and currently used or earmarked for, a contracted state/territory school bus route defined as rural and regional. A newly manufactured school bus must be fitted with integrated seats and lap/sash seatbelts that meet Australian Design Rule (ADR) ADR 68 Occupant Protection in Buses, and be registered with a relevant state/territory transport authority. An existing bus must be intended for retro-fitment of lap/sash seatbelts, and be approved by the state/territory government transport authority. Used buses that are purchased with seatbelts already fitted are not eligible.

Any contracts to purchase buses or undertake retro-fit work must have been entered into after 19 September 2007 to be eligible.

The subsidies will not be available for a bus where the cost of fitting or retro-fitting seatbelts has been met from an existing state/territory program. However, where a state/territory program for seatbelts funds a portion of the total cost of the installation of the belts, an operator may apply for a subsidy for the remaining portion of the cost, including associated engineering work, up to a limit of $25,000.

Collision with terrain - 7 kms north-north-west of Hornsby, New South Wales, VH-NBP, Bell 206B

On 1 March 2008, at about 1300 Eastern Daylight-saving Time the pilot of a Bell Helicopter 206B Jetranger III was flying over a property on a private flight with four passengers. Witnesses reported seeing the helicopter flying over the property at about 100 ft above ground level. At the completion of one pass, the helicopter was observed by witnesses on the ground to bank steeply to the left, roll out and descend into surrounding trees. The helicopter impacted the trees and was seriously damaged. One of the occupants was discovered outside the helicopter and all sustained serious injuries.

Examination of the wreckage did not indicate any mechanical defects that would have affected the safe operation of the helicopter.