Nissan new concept: steer by wire system

With as far electrical power assist guiding (EPAS) has come nowadays, it was only a matter of time before an car maker came up with a fully electric steering concept. Car has designed such a program that changes the mechanical steering linkage of modern vehicles with a "wired" steering column that uses drivers information to guide the top side tires via electronic remotes, and this concept could be discovered on Infiniti models within the next year.

As bad as the reviews is on some current EPAS vehicles, we're a little doubtful about how such a program would feel, but Nissan says that not only will reviews be more direct, it will also be flexible. Nissan's steering concept will allow drivers to choose between "Sport" and "Standard" ways based on what kind of streets and generating condition they face. An additional benefit of this program is that the rim will be completely separated from the rest of the guiding program to decrease street oscillations sensed by the car owner.

In case there is power loss, there is a clutch system that can interact with a back-up technical link to allow the car owner to manage the front wheels. This program also uses a digital camera to help keep the car generating in a directly line, significance that motorists won't have to make continuous small improvements, which Car says will decrease car owner exhaustion, and it can also vehicle correct in the occasion of crosswinds. As a safety measure, Nissan's new guiding program uses three repetitive engine remotes to avoid any decrease in guiding, but in the occasion that the car drops total energy, there is a clutch system that can interact with a back-up technical mechanical connection to allow the car owner to manage the front tires.

Nissan is also working on a separate urgent steering concept that seems to function in the same vain as vehicle braking mechanism in some more latest vehicles. If the car finds a possible incident, it will originally notify the car owner with a clear overall tone and show. If this is ignored, it will then continue to vehicle braking mechanism in an attempt to slowly the car down. If an incident is still certain, the car would then instantly swerve to avoid a car incident. There are also receptors that can identify if a car is next to or coming head on with the vehicle to avoid an even more serious incident.

Ford introduces Four Tuned 2013 Fusion Sedans for SEMA show

Ford introduces Four Tuned 2013 Fusion Sedans for SEMA show

The Blue Oval will be viewing Las Las vegas and the yearly SEMA Show at the end of this month with an collection of personalized 2013 Fusion sedans designed together with a selection of the tuners.

The first customized Combination comes from 3dCarbon and it is depending on the most highly effective design of the sequence prepared with the 237hp 2.0-liter EcoBoost motor and AWD. The track is known as "Euro Series" and is said to be motivated by the "elegant, innovative design of traditional European sedans".

3dCarbon developed a non-intrusive aerodynamic program that performs together with a reduced revocation and a new set of wheels to provide the Combination a more sportier look.

The next Combination is depending on the 179hp 1.6-liter EcoBoost design and it was designed by Ice Nine Team, which says it attracted its motivation from the V8 Supercar Sequence. The natural shaded Combination with the dark accessories gets new tires and a set of streamlined improvements outlined by the huge back wing.

MRT Performance coloured its Combination 2.0L EcoBoost in a gunmetal-grey and azure two-tone color concept including a couple of bonnet air air vents and new tires. What it does not have in spoilers and pizza, the car makes up for with the improvements in the framework and powertrain divisions.

The fourth and final tuned 2013 Fusion was created by Tjin Edition, which has also used the 2.0L EcoBoost AWD variant as its base. The tuner says that the beige-colored car is the "perfect blend between performance and luxury".

The fourth and last updated 2013 Fusion was designed by Tjin Version, which has also used the 2.0L EcoBoost AWD version as its platform. The receiver says that the beige-colored car is the "perfect combination between performance and luxury".

Among other functions, the Tjin Version Combination gets a 3dCarbon lip kit, Webasto sunroof, LightWurkZ front lighting and fog lighting, 21-inch tires, customized internal, a turbo compressor kit and improved suspension parts.

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will be cheapest EV at $25,000*

cheapest Electric Drive

We are getting our first drive in the 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive today, and Smart just declared costs for the latest edition of its all-electric minicar. The starting price for the ForTwo ED Coupe will be $25,000 (*plus delivery fees), making it the lowest cost electric vehicle in the U.S. from a popular automaker – and that doesn't even include the available $7,500 government tax credit.

With the tax credit figured in, the beginning price works out to $17,500. Add in the required $825 destination charge and up to $2,200 for a home charger, and the 2013 ForTwo ED Coupe will basically begin at just $20,525 – $1,100 lesser than the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Of course, customers who already have home charging stations can save even more. Smart has said that it will offer two different home chargers that range in price from $1,300 to $1,700, and its calculated installation setup will cost somewhere in the $300 to $500 range.

While we do know the starting prices for the new ForTwo ED, options and lease prices have not been announced. For comparison, the previous-generation ForTwo ED had a lease price of $599 a month.

While we do know the beginning costs for the new ForTwo ED, alternatives and lease prices have not been declared. For evaluation, the previous-generation ForTwo ED had a lease price of $599 monthly.