Make space for the Audi A6: Most recent model competes glowing with Mercedes and BMW

Over the past three years, the clash for first place between the comfort carmakers has been heating up, with best Mercedes-Benz and Lexus being challenge by BMW – and at this time by Audi. Audi’s 2012 A6 3.0 is the most recent entrance in the field, taking the fight to the valuable province before held by the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. The foot price of $49,900 is close to that of Mercedes’ E350 and BMW’s 535i. For the currency, the buyer gets a comparably beautiful, nicely chosen four-door car with good seat room for five passengers and 22 mpg shared fuel economy.

On the other hand, the Audi A6 also comes with a 310-horsepower, supercharged V6 engine and 8-speed Tiptronic broadcast. It has outstanding brakes that give quicker acceleration and a shorter stopping distance than its two direct competitors. And it comes normal with Audi’s class-leading quattro all-wheel force system. Comparable systems are further-cost options on the competition. The price of our examination car had ratcheted up to $61,530, shiny the customer’s capability to build these cars to about any level of comfort desired. The extra money paid for a activity package with bigger wheels and sport suspension, and a Prestige package including navigation, Audi Connect emergency contact system, and a sweet Bose surround-sound system.

Audi’s software interface system, residential in its Palo Alto labs, is the a good number advanced in the business and includes a character-recognition finger touch system as well as superior speed recognition and 3D screen information.When we evaluate this innovative model, it’s simple to review our impressions.

The Audi inner and the Audi electronics merge to build occupants feel as if they are in the happy media room of a wealthy, high-tech audiophile, slightly than in an automobile. Power and usage stability join to give the driver with a cleverness of confidence, although passengers are free to take pleasure in the inner ambience. We have never gotten used to the great, open-mounted front lattice that is now Audi’s signature, although the grille on the A6 is not as crushing as the one on the A8. Audi also puts less stress on driving attributes like navigation feel, which both Mercedes and BMW excel in, and superior safety systems, the strong point of Mercedes-Benz. We would not take this car to the racetrack, but it could be our foremost choice for a day cruise on the coast or an sunset at the opera.