Hyundai plans to launch a revamped version of Sonata in 2014

Hyundai-Sonata revamped versionHyundai Motor has planned to launch a revamped version of its flagship Sonata sedan in 2014. It is the first upgrade in more than four years. Hyundai is the world’s Fifth Largest auto group along with its affiliate Kia Motors. The latest model of the Sonata was launched in September 2009 in South Korea and early 2010 in the United States.

Hyundai's Sonata is the top-selling car in the United States and helped the South Korean automaker achieve record sales and market share there last year. It was Hyundai's third-best selling model in South Korea last year. Sales of imported cars increased 10 per cent of the market for the first time in January this year, according to industry data.

Subaru plans to introduce EyeSight safety systems on its 2013 models

Subaru EyeSight safety systemUsually all the electronic safety technologies are used in Volvo made cars, but this time Subaru used the Latest technology called EyeSight. It is the combination of several features. Subaru plans to debut this technology in April at New York International Auto Show.

This EyeSight technology has three sub systems called Pre-Collision Braking Control and Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure and Sway Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Pre-Collision Braking Control and Collision Mitigation (one feature, many names) detect hindrance in front of the vehicle and can apply brakes if a collision looks imminent. This system can works at speeds less than 19 mph, where it can bring a car to a complete stop. Above 19 mph, the system will still apply the brakes if an obstacle is detected and the driver takes no evasive action, but it can’t stop a car from those speeds. This is alike in concept to Mercedes.

2014 'Chevrolet Impala' shots has been revealed

chevrolet-ImpalaChevrolet designed its 2014 chevrolet Impala car. Its spy shot has given above for you. It is very attractive design and it is the unique design among all the Chevrolet models. Previously, the Chevrolet simply updating its old models launched in 2005. But Chevrolet Impala is a unique design and its front-wheel drive Epsilon-II architecture slightly same as the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac XTS. Chevrolet states that Impala has many features taken from XTS, gives premium feel than the current models. Impala is very stylish and it has many premium features like big alloy wheels and LED running lights up front. Chevrolet has announced that they would announce impala’s full specifications and features soonly. 2014 Impala would be launch sometime during the 2013.

Amazing Invisible car created by Mercedes

Mercedes Invisible CarMercedes has created the latest invisible car to market called latest F-Cell vehicle. To make the car to invisible, they mounted a number of LED's on one surface of the car and the other side, they fit a camera. The camera on the right of the car takes a video which was then showed on the left side of the car; it would look as invisible car.

Even though the effect is far from perfect it still was better enough to capture the attention of passersby. Perfectly passersby wouldn't even see it is fully invisible, but as we are not quite at that point in technology just yet this partial invisibility will have to do. The camera used in this car is Canon 5D Mark II to capture the video of right side and display it on left side.

We don't anticipate the real car (F-Cell visible version) to be launched for another few years, but it will see as another inbuilt technology called a cleaner car that just emits water vapour.

FIAT's latest stylish car-500 ABARTH

Fiat's 500 AbarthLinkFiat introduces the latest stylish model car known as 500 Abarth. This 500 Abarth is almost same as the Sports model car, its front fascia has been pushed out by 2.7 inches and whole car sits 15 mm lower to the ground. A blacked-out grille with integrated fog lamps has been added to the front and in the back liftgate-mounted spoiler has been added to give better downforce. It has a smoke-finished 16-inch alloy wheels enclosed in 195/45 series Pirelli cinturato P7 season rubber and we can upgrade to the 17-inch kit.

Fiat Abarth’s exterior is really looking so good, but coming to interior it is too bad. In the interior part changes includes a turbo boost gauge in the instrument panel and steering wheel for better hand to helm interaction. In steering column there’s no telescope function and its seating position is not comfortable for sitting. Normally Abarth model comes with sport cloth seats, but we can change it to leather seating as optional. The plastics on center console and door made by plastics feel cheap and chrome rings around the window switches and buttons are too bad.

This 500 Abarth has 1.4 liter Multi-air turbocharged inline four cylinder engine which gives 160 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of maximum torque. By this Abarth we can manage 28/34 miles per gallon.