Is 458 Italia powered Fiat 500 the best idea?

Italia Powered Fiat 500

We are happy to revive Fiat 500. The unique small hatch is an charming driver with gorgeous looks. It’s not what we did call fast, though Fiat 500 Abarth just barely lands itself in "quick" territory. 

Luckily, there are hard-working spirits out there willing to remedy the engine’s acceleration deficit. Lazzarini Design has done some calculating and discovered that, with a little body work, the 500 can play host to much more alarming power plant. How alarming? The crew needs to yank the thrashing heart from the Ferrari 458 Italia and plop the 4.5-liter V8 behind the spaces of cinquecento. You recognize, where the car gods future the engine in the 500 to be. 

These are obviously our type of people. 

But they aren't completely off their medication. The engine has been detuned from 570 horsepower to a more sensible 550 hp. Lazzarini told that the plan really widens the 500 wheelbase by nearly a foot in order to fit the engine and transmission carefully aboard. The complete machine weighs in at 2,200 pounds, even with ballast on both front corners to keep the car planted. If you like what you see, the studio says it is presently looking for a sponsor to help build the machine. Lazzarini Design calculates the project will cost around $550,000. Check it out over at the Lazzarini site. More cars on move transport site

BMW i3 obtains luxury alteration for opening London BMW I Store

BMW i3 Luxury
BMW revealed its new luxury version i3 Concept as part of the opening celebrations for the company first i Store in London. Designers lathered the cabin in premium wood, leather and normal fibers, all with an eye toward sustainability. The wood is engraved from Eucalyptus trees cropped in Europe, and the leather is tanned using a particular olive tree extract instead of harsh chemicals. 

The cabin is set with bench seats front and rear, which permits for easy entrance and way out in tight city parking positions. The driver, in the meantime, is delighted to three displays for vehicle information, climate control and relaxation options. BMW told that the design did away with the need for a center console. 

Power continuously comes from a 170 horsepower electric motor with 170 pound-feet of torque, which is sufficient to scoot the idea to 62 mph in under eight seconds, thanks in part to a single-speed move transport communication. The concept relies on lithium-ion batteries, which can be stimulating in six hours through a standard socket, though a quick charger can less that time to around an hour. Expect a range between 80 or 100 miles depending on usage.

Nissan reveals Juke Nismo hot-ute, will come to U.S.

Nissan Nismo

The UK-based racing version of the Japanese auto manufacturer changed the controversially-fashioned mini-CUV into the tarmac-munching Juke-R. 

At the Tokyo Motor Show last year, the company's presentation is unveiling the production-spec presentation intersect this coming weekend at the 24 Hours of Le Mans – an event with an exceptional number of Nissan-powered vehicles on the grid, including the experimental DeltaWing model. And the Juke Nismo will be offered in Europe from next year starting. Nissan has established that the vehicle will be made offered in its own Japanese Domestic Market and (most importantly) in the United States at an as-yet undisclosed later.

2013 Nissan Sentra unveiled completely

Nissan Sentra

Some of the spy photographers caught the 2013 Nissan Sentra doing its best zebra imitation, we now have photos of the automaker's new compact sedan totally revealed attempting to conceal under the cover of night. To no one's shock, this almost production-ready Sentra looks accurately like what we estimated – that is to state, a baby version of the recently introduced Altima, or more to the point, an U.S version of the Sylphy sedan that was uncovered at the Beijing Motor Show past in April.

Word on the street is that the Sentra will be motorized by a direct-injected 1.8-liter inline-four, mated to either Nissan's Xtronic endlessly changeable broadcast or a six-speed manual. If the CVT's improvements are everything like what what we've tested in the new Altima, the Sentra should be balanced to offer considerable fuel economy developments versus its predecessor.

Hyundai veloster 2013 will be priced from $21,950

Hyundai Veloster
Now the time to throw all of the rumors and reports out, though – the numbers have just been released, and the turbocharged Hyundai Veloster is publicly priced at $21,950, not including *$775 for destination. 

That symbolizes a $2,500 raise over a logically aspirated Veloster with the physical transmission and style box up – a $19,450 car. As stated earlier, the turbocharged engine itself symbolizes a $1,600 price raise, and the rest of the added cost comes from a host of standard apparatus including heated leather seats with power lumbar support, a ground effects kit, LED taillamps, and of course, that single front fascia. 

A 6-speed automatic show with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters is available for an extra $1,000. And the Ultimate package includes a panoramic sunroof, backup warning sensors, automatic headlights, a navigation system with rearview camera and a 115-volt power outlet with an extra $2500.

Fifty percent of car buyers search online before purchasing

Cars in Google

Approximately 50 % of car buyers from the major urban centers research online before walking into a retail area, a Google analysis said. 

In addition, on an average a car purchaser takes 9 to 12 weeks researching before zeroing in on his last choice, the survey carried out by AC Nielsen for the internet giant said. 

Amazingly, the survey also expose that of those who do research online, over half of them change their option of brand after coming across new report on the Web. 

According to the survey, queries relating to SUVs grew the fastest on a year-on-year basis, followed by premium cars, sedans and luxury cars and most car buyers also rated OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) websites as the most essential and honest sources of information, says the survey. 

According to the report, 50 % respondents who went online, as much as 42 % said they used search engine as the first choice to collect the information, just after the friends and relations opinion. 

It also states they used the Web to research and compare prices, watch online videos and find images, do aggressive analysis, find dealer info and read both specialist and user reviews. The auto related searches is growing to high numbers, Google vice president said.

Automotive Industry sales list May 2012

The sales for the United States of America automotive manufacturing in May were off-the-charts good. Look at products like Toyota and Honda, sales of which were up a surprising 88.9 and 46.0 percent, respectively. Or look at Chrysler, up an evenly incredible 82.34 percent. 

The presentation of Toyota and Honda, as well as luxury brands Lexus and Acura, can be explained by the detail that one year ago coincides with two months after Japan was rocked with earthquakes and tsunamis that knocked out most of the country's domestic car production. By May, Japanese automakers, mainly Toyota and Honda, were running out of supply to sell that couldn't be replaced. Toyota sales in the United States fell almost 32 percent in May 2011 and Honda by 22.4 percent. Thus, both these automakers are concerning to put together a string of months that show industry-leading sales raises, but only because those sales are being compared to last summer's drought. 

Such that Chrysler and Dodge just had not strike their sales stride yet at this occasion last year when sales of all of Chrysler group were up only 10 percent, buoyed by solid presentation from Ram and particularly Jeep. With all of four of its products now working on all cylinders, the Chrysler Group finished last month up over 30 percent from May 2011. 

Check below chart for how the entire auto industry did in the last month sales. 

Automotive industry sales may 2012

Volvo targets to build its next version C90 luxury car

Volvo build c90
Volvo has its mind set on a latest, superior luxury car, according to Inside Line. The Swedish car manufacturer targets to make a model slotted over the current C70. Dubbed the C90, the model will compete honestly against hardware similar to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, which means a changeable edition will likely follow as well.

The C90 will be made on the similar Scalable Platform design as the future C80. As such, we can possibly wait for the latest two-door to share the C80's gasoline and diesel drive train choices. Given Volvo's similarity for plug-in fusions, we wouldn't be amazed to see a battery pack show up ultimately as well. 

Unfortunately, none of this is printed in stone and the C90 still hasn't made it into the Volvo model cycle design, meaning the luxe two-door will not see the light of day still 2015 at the initial. Still, the news underscores Volvo's meaning to move up market and fight head to head with well-established European luxury makes similar to Mercedes-Benz and BMW.