Volvo targets to build its next version C90 luxury car

Volvo build c90
Volvo has its mind set on a latest, superior luxury car, according to Inside Line. The Swedish car manufacturer targets to make a model slotted over the current C70. Dubbed the C90, the model will compete honestly against hardware similar to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, which means a changeable edition will likely follow as well.

The C90 will be made on the similar Scalable Platform design as the future C80. As such, we can possibly wait for the latest two-door to share the C80's gasoline and diesel drive train choices. Given Volvo's similarity for plug-in fusions, we wouldn't be amazed to see a battery pack show up ultimately as well. 

Unfortunately, none of this is printed in stone and the C90 still hasn't made it into the Volvo model cycle design, meaning the luxe two-door will not see the light of day still 2015 at the initial. Still, the news underscores Volvo's meaning to move up market and fight head to head with well-established European luxury makes similar to Mercedes-Benz and BMW.