Highway Traffic Noise Barriers:

* can reduce the loudness of traffic noise by as much as half;
* do not completely block all traffic noise;
* can be effective, regardless of the material used;
* must be tall and long with no openings;
* are most effective within 61 meters (200 feet) of a highway (usually the first row of homes);
* must be designed to be visually appealing;
* must be designed to preserve aesthetic values and scenic vistas;
* do not increase noise levels perceptibly on the opposite side of a highway; and
* substantially reduce noise levels for people living next to highways.

Keeping the Noise Down

A sound occurs when an ear senses pressure variations or vibrations in the air. Noise is unwanted sound. The brain relates a subjective element to a sound, and an individual reaction is formed. Numerous studies have indicated that the most pervasive sources of noise in our environment today are those associated with transportation. Highway traffic noise tends to be a dominant noise source in our urban, as well as rural, environment.

How Does a Noise Barrier Work?

Type of Material Is Best for a Noise Barrier
Noise barriers can be constructed from earth, concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and other materials. To effectively reduce sound transmission through the barrier, the material chosen must be rigid and sufficiently dense (at least 20 kilograms/square meter). All noise barrier material types are equally effective, acoustically, if they have this density.

How Do People React to Noise Barriers?

Overall, public reaction to highway noise barriers appears to be positive. However, specific reactions vary widely. Residents adjacent to barriers say that conversations in households are easier, sleeping conditions are better, the environment is more relaxing, windows are opened more often, and yards are used more in the summer. Residents also perceive indirect benefits, such as increased privacy, cleaner air, improved views and a sense of ruralness, and healthier lawns and shrubs.

Negative reactions from residents have included a restriction of view, a feeling of confinement, a loss of air circulation, a loss of sunlight and lighting, and poor maintenance of the barrier. Motorists have sometimes complained of a loss of view or scenic vistas and a feeling of being "walled in" when traveling adjacent to barriers.
Are Residents' Views Considered?

A major consideration in the design of a noise barrier is its visual impact on the surrounding area. A tall barrier near a one-story, single family, detached residential area can have a negative visual effect. One solution to addressing the size relationship in visual quality is to provide staggered horizontal elements to a noise barrier to reduce the visual impact by planting landscaping in the foreground. Native plantings are preferable.

The visual character of noise barriers in relationship to their environmental setting should be carefully considered. In general, it is desirable to locate a noise barrier approximately four times its height from residences and to provide landscaping near the barrier to avoid visual dominance.

Noise barriers should reflect the character of their surroundings as much as possible. It is always desirable to preserve aesthetic views and scenic vistas, to the extent possible.

Motorists' Views

The psychological effect of noise barriers on the passing motorist should be a part of barrier design and construction. Noise barriers in dense, urban settings should be designed differently than barriers in more open suburban or rural areas, and they should be designed to avoid monotony for the motorist. At normal roadway speeds, motorists tend to notice noise barriers overall form, color, and surface texture. A primary objective of noise barrier design should be to avoid a tunnel effect for the motorist. This can be accomplished by varying the forms, materials, and surface treatments.

Graffiti on noise barriers can be a potential problem. One solution is to use materials that can be readily washed or repainted. Landscaping and plantings near barriers can also be used to discourage graffiti, as well as to add visual quality.

Does Construction of Noise Barriers on "Both" Sides of a Highway Increase Noise Levels?

Multiple reflections of noise between two parallel plane surfaces, such as noise barriers or retaining walls on both sides of a highway, can theoretically reduce the effectiveness of individual barriers. However, studies of this issue have found no problems associated with this type of reflective noise. Any measured increases in noise levels have been less than can be perceived by normal human hearing, that is, less than 3 dB. Studies have suggested that to avoid a reduction in the performance of parallel reflective noise barriers, the width-to-height ratio of the roadway section to the barriers should be at least 10:1. The width is the distance between the barriers, and the height is the average height of the barriers above the roadway. This means that two parallel barriers 3 meters (10 feet) tall should be at least 30 meters (100 feet) apart to avoid any reduction in effectiveness. These studies have also shown that any reduction in performance can be eliminated through the use of sound absorptive noise barriers.

When Traveling Heavy Truck and Noise Effects

Roadway Travel

Negative Effects of Sound

* Lowers the quality of life
* Can impact outside conversation
* May deter some development
* Some studies show harmful health effects

Who's Responsible?
* Federal Highway Administration Sets National Guidelines
* States Implement Federal and State Guidelines
* Local Governments Enact Land Use Policies

Noise Assessments
  • Required as part of NEPA Process
  • Determine whether there are sensitive receivers
  • Computer modeling
  • Review of land use plans
  • Aerial photography

Federal Participation

  • Federal funding for Type II projects approved:
  • For projects approved before 11/28/95
  • Along lands where development predated any highway
  • For areas not previously rejected for a barrier in a Type I project

FHWA Approach to Roadway Noise

  • 3-Part Approach to Traffic Noise Control
  • Source Control
  • Reduction Measures in Highway Construction
  • Noise Compatible Land Use Planning

Source Control: Noise Sources for Heavy Trucks

Measuring Sound

  • Decibels
  • Are a logarithmic scale
  • Are based on values of 10
  • Sound measurement is weighted to what the human ear can hear (A-weighted)
  • Descriptor will be the hourly equivalent sound level (LAeq1h)

Truck Stops in California County wise

California trip permits for temporary vehicle registration must be purchased before entering California. Truck stops in California county and city details.

Alameda Oakland S.F. Oakland Auto Truck Plaza 8255 San Leandro St 510-569-1624 50
Butte Oroville Gold Nugget BP Station 2970 Feather River Blvd. 530-533-9093 10
Fresno Fowler Texaco Truck Stop #5 2747 E Manning Ave 559-834-3634 85
Fresno Fresno Beacon 5th Wheel Truck Stop 3767 S. Golden State Blvd. 559-485-0701 40
Fresno Fresno Kleins Truck Stop 6725 N Golden State Blvd 559-276-8003 150
Fresno Fresno RVJ's Truck Stop 4021 S. Maple 559-485-8220 12
Fresno Kingsburg Red Triangle (Exxon) 38440 Highway 99 559-897-3015 8
Fresno Selma Boyett Petroleum 3000 E Floral Ave 559-896-2744 50
Fresno Selma Kailey's Break Place, Inc. 13025 S Van Horn Ave 559-891-9191 10
Orland Beacon Fuel Stop #609 1021 South St. 530-865-9645 15
Humboldt Fortuna Hansen Truck Stop Inc 2404 Sandy Prairie Rd 707-725-1744 100
Imperial El Centro Hwy 111 Truck Stop 1963 S. Highway 111 760-353-3303 30
Imperial El Centro Imperial 8 Travel Center 550 Wake Ave 760-352-8800 108
Imperial Westmorland Frank R. Lyall & Son, Inc. 431 W Main St 760-351-5050 20
Kern Arvin Truck Stops of America 5800 N. Wheeler Ridge Rd. 661-858-2804 x19 165
Kern Bakersfield Beacon Truck Stop 3225 Buck Owens Blvd. 661-324-9481 6
Kern Bakersfield Bear Mountain Truck Stop 15840 Costajo St 661-834-5733 50
Kern Bakersfield Bruce's Truckstop 8311 E Brundage Lane 661-366-5734 150
Kern Bakersfield Easy Trip Exxon 29541 Stockdale Hwy 661-764-5217 1
Kern Bakersfield Flying J Travel Plaza #5320 17047 Zachary Rd 661-392-5300 250
Kern Bakersfield Kimber Avenue Texaco 8200 Kimber Ave 661-366-1860 30
Kern Bakersfield Renegade Truck Stop 2023 Mettler Frontage Rd W 661-858-2703 20
Kern Buttonwillow Bruce's Buttonwillow 27780 Lagoon Drive 661-764-5107 55
Kern Buttonwillow Buttonwillow TA Travel Center 27769 Lagoon Drive 661-764-5266 200
Kern Delano Akal Truck Stop Route 1, Box 973-2 661-725-5525 50
Kern Lebec Flying J Travel Plaza 42810 Frazier Mtn Park Rd 661-248-2600 350
Kern Lost Hills Lost Hills TA Travel Center 14814 Aloma St. 661-797-2354 80
Kern Mojave Giant Truck Stop of Mojave 16600 Sierra Hwy 805-524-3737 x17 50
Kern Pumpkin Center Mikuls Pumpkin Center Truck Terminal P.O. Box 78197 661-832-5390 25
Kern Wheeler Ridge Petro Stopping Center 28 5821 Dennis McCarthy Dr. 661-663-4320 420
Kings Kettleman City Beacon Truck Stop 33190 Hubert Way, Box 389 559-386-9076 10
Los Angeles Acton Acton Unocal 76 Truck Stop 3807 W Sierra Hwy 661-269-0760 4
Los Angeles Castaic Giant Truck Stop 31642 Castaic Rd 805-524-3737 x17 55
Los Angeles Castaic Village Fuel Stop 31611 Castaic Rd 661-295-1374 25
Los Angeles Los Angeles Bandini Trucks Terminal 3152 Bandini Blvd 323-266-6840 66
Los Angeles Vernon Vernon Truck Wash 3308 E Bandini 323-267-0706 7
Los Angeles Wilmington Wilmington Truck Stop P.O. Box 307 310-830-3388 10
Madera Chowchilla Ahmed's Exxon 18208 Avenue 24 559-665-4146 15
Madera Madera Pilot Travel Center #365 22717 Ave 18 1/2 559-673-3878 328
Mendocino Ukiah Jensen's Truck Stop 1460 Lovers Lane 707-462-7012 25
Merced Los Banos San Luis Travel Plaza "Petro" 28991 W. Gonzago Rd. 209-827-8020 150
Merced Santa Nella Pilot Travel Center 29025 W Plaza Dr. 209-827-1399 75
Merced Santa Nella Rotten Robbie Truck/Auto Plaza 12860 S Hwy 33 209-826-4418 50
Merced Santa Nella TA Santa Nella Travel Center I-5 at Highway 33 209-826-0741 206
Monterey King City Beacon Truck Stop 3005 50940 Mesa Verde Rd/P.O. Box 705 831-385-5993 40
Monterey Salinas Pilot Travel Center 951 Work St. 831-775-0380 75
Monterey Salinas Salinas Auto Truck Plaza 1020 Terven Ave. 831-424-0875 23
Monterey Salinas Valley Truck Stop/Valley Weigh and Wash 721 Vertin Ave. 831-754-1303 75
Placer Emigrant Gap Nyack Towing P. O. Box 6 800-235-3611 40
Plumas Chilcoot Hallelujah Junction General Store 753 Highway 70 530-993-0110 40
Riverside Blythe Southwest Express Travel Plaza 17970 W Hobson Way 760-922-5109 30
Riverside Coachella Travel Centers of America 46155 Dillon Rd 760-342-6200 230
Riverside Indio Clark's Auto Truck Stop 82253 Indio Blvd. 760-342-4776 5
Riverside Thousand Palms Flying J Fuel Stop 72235 Varner Road 760-343-1500 88
Sacramento Sacramento Dhami Truck Plaza 7891 Stockton Blvd. 916-689-9080 42
Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza 2828 El Centro Rd. 916-927-4774 227
San Bernardino
Barstow Burns Bros. Travel Stop 2191 West Main St. 760-256-5642 100
San Bernardino
Barstow Flying J Travel Plaza 2611 Fisher Blvd. 760-253-7043 177
San Bernardino
Barstow Heartland Truck Stop 2250 W Main 760-256-5669 80
San Bernardino
Barstow Pilot Travel Center #282 2591 Commerce Parkway 760-253-2861 23
San Bernardino
Barstow Rip Griffin's Travel Center 2930 Lenwood Rd. 619-253-2922 350
San Bernardino
Colton Beacon Truck Stop 2300 Steel Rd 909-825-5190 60
San Bernardino
Colton Valley-Colton Truck Stop 791 E Valley Blvd 909-824-1296 12
San Bernardino
Fontana 3 Sisters Truck Stop 14416 Slover Ave 909-822-4415 55
San Bernardino Fontana Truck Town Truck Stop 10238 Cherry Ave 909-823-0635 250
San Bernardino Hesperia Pilot Travel Center 8701 Highway 395 760-956-2844 225
San Bernardino Kramer Junction Pilot Travel Center 5725 Highway 58 760-762-0041 49
San Bernardino Ludlow Ludlow Truck Stop 25635 Crucero Rd 760-733-4697 100
San Bernardino Newberry Springs Wesco Food & Fuel 48157 Memorial Dr/P.O. Box 540 760-257-3003 80
San Bernardino Ontario Ontario West Travel Center 4265 East Guasti Road 909-390-2525 380
San Bernardino Ontario East Ontario East Travel Center 4325 Guasti Road 909-390-7800 400
San Bernardino Rialto I-10 Truck Stop 195 E. Valley Blvd. 909-877-1171 50
San Bernardino Yermo Ghost Town Mini-Mart P.O Box 1420 760-254-2843 60
San Bernardino Yermo Vegas Truck Stop 35680 Daggett Yermo Rd 760-254-2119 30
San Diego Alpine Tavern Road Texaco 1140 Tavern Rd. 619-445-5118 6
San Diego San Ysidro Otay Truck Stop 8490 Avenida de la Fuente #3 619-661-1888 15
San Joaquin Acampo Jahant Food & Fuel 24323 N Highway 99 209-333-6000 25
San Joaquin Lathrop Joe's Travel Plaza 15600 S. Harlan Rd. 209-982-0370 2
San Joaquin Lodi 3 B's Truck/Auto Plaza 14749 N Thornton Rd 209-368-8100 12
San Joaquin Ripon Flying J Travel Plaza 1501 N. Jack Tone Rd 209-599-4141 176
San Joaquin Ripon Jimco Truck Plaza 1022 Frontage Rd 209-599-2111 30
San Joaquin Stockton Joes's Travel Plaza 15600 S Harlan Road 209-982-0370 2
San Joaquin Stockton Vanco Truck & Auto Plaza 1033 W Charter Way 209-466-0833 45
San Joaquin Tracy Country Mart Diesel & Gas 34243 S Chrisman Road 925-736-4922 22
San Luis Obispo Paso Robles Golden Hill Country Store 2400 Goldenhill Rd 805-239-2190 3
San Luis Obispo Paso Robles San-Paso Truck & Auto P. O. Box 180 805-238-7042 100
San Mateo South San Francisco Golden Gate Petroleum/Shell 114 Harbor Way 650-737-9675 10
Santa Barbara Santa Maria The Fuel Connection P.O. Box 707 805-925-3664 50
Shasta Burney Rocky Lodge Shell 38389 Highway 299 E 530-335-2400 80
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Solano Suisun City Terminal Station 100 Suisun Valley Rd 707-864-0231 350
Sonoma Petaluma Rinehart's Petaluma Truck Stop 2645 Petaluma Blvd S 707-763-8375 30
Stanislaus Westley Westley Triangle Truck Stop 7051 S McCracken Rd, P.O. Box 306 209-894-3000 100
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