When Traveling Heavy Truck and Noise Effects

Roadway Travel

Negative Effects of Sound

* Lowers the quality of life
* Can impact outside conversation
* May deter some development
* Some studies show harmful health effects

Who's Responsible?
* Federal Highway Administration Sets National Guidelines
* States Implement Federal and State Guidelines
* Local Governments Enact Land Use Policies

Noise Assessments
  • Required as part of NEPA Process
  • Determine whether there are sensitive receivers
  • Computer modeling
  • Review of land use plans
  • Aerial photography

Federal Participation

  • Federal funding for Type II projects approved:
  • For projects approved before 11/28/95
  • Along lands where development predated any highway
  • For areas not previously rejected for a barrier in a Type I project

FHWA Approach to Roadway Noise

  • 3-Part Approach to Traffic Noise Control
  • Source Control
  • Reduction Measures in Highway Construction
  • Noise Compatible Land Use Planning

Source Control: Noise Sources for Heavy Trucks

Measuring Sound

  • Decibels
  • Are a logarithmic scale
  • Are based on values of 10
  • Sound measurement is weighted to what the human ear can hear (A-weighted)
  • Descriptor will be the hourly equivalent sound level (LAeq1h)