Driving license- vehicle facts now just a click away

Tracing the rights of a vehicle concerned in an act of terrorism will be a few clicks away, with the road transport and highways department and the National Informatics Centre (NIC) launching a centralized database of vehicle transport registration and driving licenses on Wednesday. Introduction of two schemes — Sarathi for licenses and Vahan for vehicle registration, road transport minister C P Joshi told these schemes would be of huge help to the public. “These schemes will also advantage the security agencies a lot,” Joshi said.

He said hard work should also be made to make users awake of these services, since a large part of people busy in the transport sector are semi-literate. “The move must intend at abolishing brokers in the transport establishment,” he added. Under these schemes, there will be two web portals, one for license and another for vehicle registration and restricted departments will have right of entry to these portals. These portals will hold information’s of all driving licenses issued and vehicles registered across the country.

Under the latest system, a standardized driving license will be issued across the country. “Within a month, a gazette announcement will be issued to create it mandatory that all new licenses look alike and be issued as Indian Union Driving License,” said an administrator of the road transport ministry. He said this would facilitate them in detecting people with several driving licenses. On these portals, people can be valid for driving license and registration certificate, between other things. “These portals will also make easy online compensation of different taxes, fees and transport charges by the last part of this year,” said deputy director of NIC, Mahesh Chandra.

World aluminum demand to twice in next 10 years

World require for aluminum will twice in the next decade, determined by growing use in aircraft, Road transport and comfort cars, the head of major European goods maker Amag said on Monday. 'We estimate that require for aluminum will twice within the next 10 to 12 years, so a worldwide growth rate of 7 per cent. This is a pleasant picture,' Gerhard Falch, the Austrian aluminum group's chief administrative, told Reuters. Demand for its goods has put the company on objective to match or beat 2010's evidence year for pay. 'At smallest amount, we will be in line with the results of the record year of 2010,' he said.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and paying back were 139.0 million Euros ($197 million) last year. Amag, capitalized at $865.35 million next an April list in Vienna, makes semi-finished aluminum goods out of area of expertise alloys used in BMW motors, aircraft, skis, construction, and Bentley and Rolls Royce cars. It moreover holds a piece bet in a hydro-electric aluminum smelter in Canada.

Approximately 85 per cent of the group's goods are for export, the lion's share to Western Europe. It is moreover effective to lift market share in Eastern Europe, as well as in China and India. Per capita aluminum spending in Europe and the U.S. stands at 5-8 times that of rising markets. Their catching up is probable to be a key driver of require enlargement, he said. This year, Amag expects worldwide utilization of primary aluminum to increase 9 per cent to 44.6 million tones, and that for flat rolled products to raise 8 per cent to 20.0 million tones. From the aircraft sector, insist is seen rising 9.1 per cent, followed by transport sector growth -- ships and railways -- by 8.0 per cent, and engineering and production growth at 5.6 per cent.

'Growth in our results has come on one hand from the most important aluminum side, and on the other side it is require for high quality alloys for an increasing variety of applications,' Falch said. In exacting, he said the European auto transportation sector has not presently stabilized but also enthusiastic up; next to insist for lighter and additional highly specialized aluminum-based materials. In 2010, Amag produced around 220,000 tons of rolled and cast products. It plans to expand capacity to around 280,000 tons by 2014. In the first quarter its metal division shipped 22,235 tons of aluminum.

Road transport and marketable Vehicle Event Builds on Success

UK – After a victorious CV 2011 which saw more than 16,000 public pass throughout the doors, the marketable Vehicle Show LLP consisting of the Road Haulage Association Ltd (RHA), The people of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd (SMMT) and IRTE Services Ltd, the trading corporation of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) has announced dates for the 2012 occasion which will once again be at the NEC, Birmingham, 24th to 26th April being the dates to reminder. Sales and marketing of the occasion will be handling by Crystal Communications. RHA Chief Executive, Geoff Dunning commented:

“The CV demonstrates is the UK’s most important showcase for road transport, signifying the full capabilities of the division and its consequence to the broader financial system. It has quick become an entrenched fixture on the industry’s calendar so I am satisfied to verify details for the 2012 occasion. This year’s illustrate strike our entire prospect situation the scene for a marvelous event in 2012 for both exhibitors and company alike.”

SOE Chief Executive, Nick Jones additional, “even though the weak profitable conditions, the 2011 CV Show concerned an remarkable display of exhibitors and an excited set of visitors. I am pleased that our charming method will be repetitive next year and am sure that Crystal Communications will distribute an unmissable occasion in 2012.”

“The CV Show is a huge opportunity to showcase the most recent developments in auto transport technology, representing the industry’s achievements in lowering emissions and improving fuel effectiveness,” said SMMT Chief Executive, Paul Everitt. “The 2012 CV demonstrate is situate to construct on the success of this year’s occasion, attracting an even superior range of exhibitors and creating new trade opportunities.”