Driving license- vehicle facts now just a click away

Tracing the rights of a vehicle concerned in an act of terrorism will be a few clicks away, with the road transport and highways department and the National Informatics Centre (NIC) launching a centralized database of vehicle transport registration and driving licenses on Wednesday. Introduction of two schemes — Sarathi for licenses and Vahan for vehicle registration, road transport minister C P Joshi told these schemes would be of huge help to the public. “These schemes will also advantage the security agencies a lot,” Joshi said.

He said hard work should also be made to make users awake of these services, since a large part of people busy in the transport sector are semi-literate. “The move must intend at abolishing brokers in the transport establishment,” he added. Under these schemes, there will be two web portals, one for license and another for vehicle registration and restricted departments will have right of entry to these portals. These portals will hold information’s of all driving licenses issued and vehicles registered across the country.

Under the latest system, a standardized driving license will be issued across the country. “Within a month, a gazette announcement will be issued to create it mandatory that all new licenses look alike and be issued as Indian Union Driving License,” said an administrator of the road transport ministry. He said this would facilitate them in detecting people with several driving licenses. On these portals, people can be valid for driving license and registration certificate, between other things. “These portals will also make easy online compensation of different taxes, fees and transport charges by the last part of this year,” said deputy director of NIC, Mahesh Chandra.