Automotive Industry sales list May 2012

The sales for the United States of America automotive manufacturing in May were off-the-charts good. Look at products like Toyota and Honda, sales of which were up a surprising 88.9 and 46.0 percent, respectively. Or look at Chrysler, up an evenly incredible 82.34 percent. 

The presentation of Toyota and Honda, as well as luxury brands Lexus and Acura, can be explained by the detail that one year ago coincides with two months after Japan was rocked with earthquakes and tsunamis that knocked out most of the country's domestic car production. By May, Japanese automakers, mainly Toyota and Honda, were running out of supply to sell that couldn't be replaced. Toyota sales in the United States fell almost 32 percent in May 2011 and Honda by 22.4 percent. Thus, both these automakers are concerning to put together a string of months that show industry-leading sales raises, but only because those sales are being compared to last summer's drought. 

Such that Chrysler and Dodge just had not strike their sales stride yet at this occasion last year when sales of all of Chrysler group were up only 10 percent, buoyed by solid presentation from Ram and particularly Jeep. With all of four of its products now working on all cylinders, the Chrysler Group finished last month up over 30 percent from May 2011. 

Check below chart for how the entire auto industry did in the last month sales. 

Automotive industry sales may 2012