Hyundai plans to launch a revamped version of Sonata in 2014

Hyundai-Sonata revamped versionHyundai Motor has planned to launch a revamped version of its flagship Sonata sedan in 2014. It is the first upgrade in more than four years. Hyundai is the world’s Fifth Largest auto group along with its affiliate Kia Motors. The latest model of the Sonata was launched in September 2009 in South Korea and early 2010 in the United States.

Hyundai's Sonata is the top-selling car in the United States and helped the South Korean automaker achieve record sales and market share there last year. It was Hyundai's third-best selling model in South Korea last year. Sales of imported cars increased 10 per cent of the market for the first time in January this year, according to industry data.