Subaru plans to introduce EyeSight safety systems on its 2013 models

Subaru EyeSight safety systemUsually all the electronic safety technologies are used in Volvo made cars, but this time Subaru used the Latest technology called EyeSight. It is the combination of several features. Subaru plans to debut this technology in April at New York International Auto Show.

This EyeSight technology has three sub systems called Pre-Collision Braking Control and Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure and Sway Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Pre-Collision Braking Control and Collision Mitigation (one feature, many names) detect hindrance in front of the vehicle and can apply brakes if a collision looks imminent. This system can works at speeds less than 19 mph, where it can bring a car to a complete stop. Above 19 mph, the system will still apply the brakes if an obstacle is detected and the driver takes no evasive action, but it can’t stop a car from those speeds. This is alike in concept to Mercedes.