This month’s consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, introducing the smarter cars specially makes for safe driving.

safe driving carIntellectual cars, highly developed heads-up displays and sensors will help drivers cut down on crashes, as car makers strive for improved safety. There were a record number of automotive exhibitors at the show, but six of the top 10 manufacturers showing off the latest technologies, including Kia, Audi, Daimler, owner of Mercedes, and Ford. The CES halls had tech zones devoted to driving technology, from navigation and safe driving to electric vehicles.

Equipment has absolutely changed. But at this year’s show, car makers were also ready to show their technology firms too. Because these days car technology has developed and fitted with entertainment systems like Bluetooth audio and phone functions that will keep your family quiet on a long trip.

The major technology firms Panasonic, and LG were showing off what their technology offers the modern driver, in combination with manufacturers such as Chrysler. But there is more to it than the facility to access radio channels on control through voice commands, or a navigation system that will not only get you to your target but make recommendations along the way. Connected cars, smarter cars, are the major goal of the automotive firms, and they are eyeing everything from fuel efficiency to altering driver behavior.

“Meeting and personalization are particularly important trends,” said Consumer Electronics Association chief executive Gary Shapiro. “As more products are integrated into wireless technologies and it allows customization of each user experience, mobile connectivity becomes the epicenter of our lives.”

Linked cars allow you to do the whole thing from keep in touch with social networks to reserve flights and make dinner reservations.

Dr Zetsche also promised a new invention of intelligent cars that learn habits and forecast your moves. “Even though the auto industry has been arrogant about intelligent cars for some times, the fact is until now, even the best automobiles have not really been the brightest,” he said.

The cars of the upcoming will be smarter, he promised, predicting weather at your destination, for example, or automatically compiling podcasts and news programmers that interest the driver.

The latest technology of car has the navigation system allows the driver to see navigation directions. Once the Car’s night vision system is active contact analogue head-up display allows the drivers to scale the distance of pedestrians who going on street and car. It also used to keep the driver on the straight and narrow that will reduce the crashes

Ford invents a big deal of showing off its latest electric car the Ford Fusion Energy. It’s the official car of CES 2012 offers the same of 100 miles to the gallon, and joins a growing line-up of electric and hybrid vehicles that Ford is offering in the US.

The company got high praise from Shapiro as “Ford has a vision” and ford is thinking and acting like an electronics company.

Although the Ford was a car company, but they got Best of innovation awards for MyFord application which works with smartphones to assist drivers to find charging stations and monitor the charge of the car.

The company invented the application with associated vehicle services firm Airbiquity, based on the firm’s platform for electric cars.

There was also a plenty of application will use for car industry. The capacity of cars to communicate with each other, with traffic signals and even pedestrians using short-range technology dubbed Vehicle to X or Wi-Fi on wheels may help improve safety in years to come.

In meanwhile Panasonic displayed the fastest solar car in the world, using solar cells and lithium ion batteries.