Information for parents Concerned about School Bus Safety

In Ontario, over 800,000 students use school vehicles every day to get to and from school. Other students regularly use school vehicles for special programs, field trips and special travel needs. School vehicle travel is extremely safe. Parents can help to ensure that it remains safe by stressing school bus safety with their children. The following information may be of interest.
What makes school vehicles safe?
* All buses built since 1980 meet safety standards developed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA D-250) and set by Transport Canada
* The size and bright yellow color make school buses very visible
* The school bus is designed to protect passengers from impact. The floor is raised, the window glass is shatter-proof, and there are strengthened reinforcements along the sides of the bus
* The flashing lights and stop arm that warn motorists that they must stop for a stopped school bus
* The high penalty (six demerit points and a substantial fine) for motorists who fail to stop for a school bus
* School bus drivers receive special training and licensing, rigorous examinations and must maintain a good driving record.