Stay Alert

As a driver you must be in good physical and mental condition to drive. Before you drive make sure you are comfortable with your physical and mental state, your vehicle and the conditions in which you will be driving. If you have any doubts about any of them, don't drive.
Here are some points to remember:
* Never drive when you are sick or injured.
* Never drive when you have been drinking alcohol or taking any drug or medication that may reduce your ability to drive.
* Never drive when you are tired. You might fall asleep at the wheel.
* Stress and fatigue can affect your driving ability. Your thinking slows down. You can miss seeing things; you may make the wrong decision or not make the right one fast enough.
* Never drive when you are upset or angry. Strong emotions can reduce your ability to think and react quickly, or make you more aggressive with other road users.
* communicate with other road users to make sure they see you and know what you are doing. Catch the eye of pedestrians and drivers at intersections. If you want to get another person's attention, use your horn.
* stay alert when driving at night, and whenever weather conditions reduce your visibility.