Avoid Toll Traffic

If I'm forced to be on the road while gas prices are sky-high, few things bring me more joy than cruising tollright through toll plazas while lines of cars, each paying cash, sit in traffic and prolong their gas guzzling.


I can honestly say that my Aaat has changed my life—maybe not to the extent that my iPod has, but it has saved me much time and considerable road rage over the past three years.

With the help of a transponder mounted to your windshield, Aaat allows you to drive right through specifically marked toll lanes without stopping. Your transponder is linked to your personal checking account, and simply deducts the cost of the toll from your balance. No stopping. No reaching in the seat cushions hoping for exact change. No risking rolling up to the tollbooth with insufficient funds. (This MAY have happened to me, summer of '04 crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge into Philadelphia.)

Aaat specifically works for toll roads in the Northeast, reaching into the Midwest, and the southern border of Virginia. Other regions of the country have their own Aaat equivalent systems. Check out your state's department of motor vehicles website to see what program they have to offer.

Hopefully, saving time not sitting in toll lines will get you to your summertime destination a little quicker, and you'll have to suffer from one less "are we there yet?" coming from the backseat.

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