Everyone Needs To Know These Auto Transport FAQ’s And Answers

Auto transport is being used all over the world these days to get vehicles moved from one location to another safely. Before you can decide if this is the method you want to use to move your automobile, you first need to know some important FAQ’s and the answers for vehicle transport.

The following are the questions that everyone wants to know, along with the answers that will help you make a smart decision for you.

1. How do auto shipping really work?

First, it is important to get quotes from different companies, compare them to help you find the best price and then choose the best company for you to hire. Be sure you call the companies and ask any questions you have before making your choice.

Once you have booked the transport, then the company will let you know when they have your preferred method of transport available. All of this is something you have to be sure you go over carefully with the company that you choose.

Once you have booked transport with them, they will give you all of the important details on getting your car moved.

2. Is my presence required when my automobile is picked up?

You or someone you trust to take care of it for you needs to be present when the pickup happens for your automobile. You will be needed to sign the “bill of lading.”

This is the inspection that the driver will do before taking your automobile and will review with you. This is also done when the vehicle is transported to the new destination.

3. What types of payments are accepted and how do you pay?

When you book the transport, most of the transport companies will charge a small deposit. Once the driver has your vehicle, the remaining balance will be paid. Most companies will take cash, credit card, check or even a cashier’s check.

4. How many days before you need to move your vehicle do you need to hire a transport company?

It is a smart idea for you to book your transport within 7 to 10 days, at least, but the more notice you can give the company, the better for everyone.

5. Is your vehicle insured during transport?
Your vehicle will be insured during the transport process with most companies. To ensure this, be sure it is one of the questions you ask when choosing a company to hire.

These are definitely not all of the FAQ’s and answers you need to know, but they are the most important ones. These will help you get a head start on making the smart choice for moving your vehicle, but it is wise to find out the answers to other questions you have before making your final decision on the auto transport company to hire.