Nissan Unveils New Zero Emission Concept Car

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan‘s 100% electric vehicle, the LEAF, may not even be in showrooms yet, but, Nissan is already looking to the future with its “New Mobility Concept for Sustainable Zero-emission Society”, a two seater electric vehicle for urban use with the size and mobility of a motorcycle.

Nissan envisages a future with an increasingly elderly and single population of urban citizens who need simple, clean transport for short journeys within the city environment. The New Mobility Concept is an user-friendly, ultra-compact 100% electric vehicle for such urban situations.

Nissan’s concept will be used to study not only the physical aspects of the car’s design, but, also, the potential uses for such a car. For example, they are investigating the use of the EV‘s to enhance public transportation by interconnecting with public transport IT systems and the possibility of using the vehicles for 2-mode car sharing where the car is used for commuting in the mornings and evenings and as corporate transport during business hours. There is also potential to use these vehicles to improve mobility in large indoor and outdoor tourist locations where the zero emissions will be advantageous.