Rolls-Royce launched the latest edition of Phantom Series-II

Rolls-Royce launches Phantom Series II, the newest version of the super luxury car that launched out in 2003 -- in the domestic market, costing at Rs. 4.64 crore onwards. The Indian Market continues to add luxury cars. There is sustained demand from the country's customer base, who appreciate the amazing design of the phantom series II.

Rolls-Royce phantom series II

The car comes with fully-LED headlamps as well as whiter light, augmenting safety and preventing driver tiredness.

Revealing that high-class luxury car clients were not hit by the recession in the economic system, Hasenoehrl said there was much greater prospective for the segment of Indian market.

"I would say the prospective in Indian exceeds by far than 100 cars," he said, but did not release the variety of vehicles Rolls-Royce marketed last season.

The company, which at the present has three shops in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, will be including two more shops soon, he said.

"All our dealer associates are in discussions to expand the network. We are prepared to set up one at Chandigarh soon and the next in line could be near to Mumbai," Hasenoehrl said.