Tough new powers will tackle disruption caused by digging up the road

New powers which enable councils to cut the congestion and disruption caused by roadworks have been introduced, Transport Minister Rosie Winterton announced today.

The regulations, laid in Parliament today, will enable local authorities to minimise the impact roadworks have on motorists, pedestrians, businesses and local residents.

And from early next year councils will be able to use additional powers to impose conditions and co-ordinate all roadworks.

Rosie Winterton said:

"There's nothing more annoying than a road being dug up time after time in the same place, or seeing work taking place at the most inconvenient times for road users. Of course, companies like gas or water suppliers need to carry out repairs and improvements but it should be possible to co-ordinate their work better, and do it when the road isn't so busy.

"These regulations enable local authorities to minimise the level of disruption to the public - for example, councils will be able to co-ordinate work by two separate companies and prevent work being carried out during the busy rush hour.

"We want councils and utility companies to work together to reduce disruption. These regulations will help authorities plan ahead, ensure the works don't take longer than necessary and give new powers to allow them to issue fines where necessary."