Winter maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle will generally start in all weather conditions. However, whenever possible, shelter your vehicle from direct contact with rain or snow when it is parked because even the best maintained vehicle can’t run if the engine is soaked.
Carry emergency supplies. These should include a shovel, a bag of sand or kitty litter, booster cables, emergency flares or warning lights, a blanket and a chain for towing. Always carry extra windshield washer fluid in the winter and refill the container when necessary.
Cold weather puts extra strain on your vehicle’s systems. With lights, heater, defroster and radio all working at once, batteries do not get a good charge at idle speed. If idling in traffic for long periods, shift to neutral and rev the engine gently. Have your batteries checked and terminals cleaned at least twice during the winter.
Faulty exhaust systems are especially dangerous in the winter when drivers are more likely to drive with windows and vents closed. Have your exhaust checked if it sounds noisy or rattles.