2012 Mercedes Benz C-Class for Fine Drive

2012 Mercedes Benz C-ClassWhen it comes to automobiles, cost is usually the limiting factor. Endowed with limitless dough, who wouldn't drive their dream car?

For those inclined toward luxury, the full-size Mercedes-Benz S-Class coddles its drivers with massive comfort and technology that compensates for almost each common human frailty exhibited behind the wheel. The S-Class, however, remains beyond the means of most drivers.

Developed to make three pointed worth, safety and luxury more attainable, the W 201 sedan was introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1982. Known as the 190, this compact sedan stands as the direct forerunner of the C-Class. Some 8.5 million sales stand as M-B's commercial verification of concept over four generations. And the way things are going, those sales are set to continue.