New car BMW Tiger edition for China with M3 Matte Edition

BMW Automakers have all sorts of different ways of celebrating milestone anniversaries. In the case of the M3, which turns 25 years old this current year, BMW opted to roll out a series of particular editions for individual market. Japan, for example, got the Competition Fire Orange Edition. Here in the United States, we got the Frozen Gray edition. In australia they got the Pure edition, and in China they got the Tiger edition. The final proved so popular that BMW has opted to roll out a second particular edition for the People's Republic.

Called the Matte Edition, its defining feature, as you might have guessed, is the matte black paint work, complimented by black chrome trim, high-gloss 19-inch alloys to contrast with the low gloss car body, red brake calipers and a interior decked out with carbon fiber trim and red stitching. Mechanically, the Matte Edition is just the same as a stock M3, but the color method is one of the most attractive we've seen yet.