New model 2011 Hyundai Genesis Sedan V6

Automakers have been carving the luxury segment into finer and finer slices for generation. Territory that once belonged solely to the likes of Mercury, Buick and Oldsmobile is currently the fertile hunting grounds of brands from Acura to Infiniti. Thanks to these relative newcomers, buyers without the money to jump into Bavarian marks like BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi can still plant their derrieres on supple leather thrones without having to sell the family farm in the process.

Three years back, Hyundai leapt into the low-buck luxury fray with the company's Genesis Sedan a motor vehicle that was intended to prove the Korean automaker could strut its stuff up marketplace without the burden of launching a separate dedicated luxury variety just for the occasion. We were impressed with the large Hyundai when it touched down three years back as a 2009 model, but domestic automakers like Buick and Chrysler have since sharpened their game in a big way. We jumped behind the wheel of the 2011 Genesis Sedan to find out how the vehicle's initial generation has held up before the updated second one arrives as a 2012 model.