Fiat has upgraded its new Linea and Punto versions

fiat-linea-and-puntoRecently Fiat had launched its two versions Linea and punto. Tata motors state that there is a demand for diesel cars and fiat focus on these demands. The assistant general manager of Tata Motors Mr. Piyush Lall said that, in 2011 we had sold 18,000 units and we have targeted to sell 20,000 units in 2012

The new model Linea and Punto is made at Ranjangaon in Maharashtra. It is made by joint venture of Tata Motors and the Italian car. They have targeted to wheel out 2,00,00 cars and 3,50,000 enginees a year.

Presently, it was functioning at 70 per cent capacity utilization and with the Maruti Suzuki tie-up for 1, 00,000 diesel engines over a three-year time, utilization was expected to raise, he stated.

The new Linea and Punto versions made with enhanced features such as split foldable seats, bright ivory-grey interiors, and power windows. Linea costs between Rs. 6.92 to Rs. 9.32 lakhs. But Punto costs between Rs. 4.89 to Rs.6.92 lakhs.

Now Fiat upgraded its two versions Linea and Punto Mr. Lall said that the car boast of higher ground clearance with a special kit of Rs. 13,000 including labour charges. Linea will allow 185-190 mm clearance from present 165-170 and linea will allow 180-185 mm from present 160-165 mm clearance.