Suzuki's New regina renamed as G70

Suzuki Motor Corporation will introduce their G70 model in 82nd Geneva Motor show held on next month. G70 was named before as Regina. Suzuki change their name from Regina into G70. In this Motor show Suzuki introduce their cars and demonstrates that new vision for a compact car incorporating minimized weight and elaborated dynamics. Actually G70 weighs 730 kg only and it has a drag coefficient at least 10 percent lower than that of current Suzuki ‘A’ segment model.

European Driving cycle measured that the G70 CO2 emissions are low as 70g/km. The G70 display will be Swift Range Extender, it is the Suzuki’s latest development in hybrid vehicle technology. This display was first shown at the 2010 Geneva show and it undergoes further development which has resulted in 100 percent improvement in battery driving range to 30km.

This Swift Range Extender utilizes a generator and has 3 cylinder petrol engine of 660cc to power it. It depends only on battery power comparing with a conventional electric vehicle. The range extender has compact lithium-ion battery, it is quickly charge the power and weight less and cost less.

The Suzuki told that G70 was an unusual little car. It build with French looking and will despite its bold styling. Actually the name 70 comes from its carbon emission of 70g/km.