2012’s Latest Caimpagna T-Rex 14R Car-Bike Genetic mash-up vehicle


As much (or as little) as our principles might drive us to approve initiatives to reduce fuel expenditure and carbon emissions – and thereby, our compatriots at AutoblogGreen tell us, check us all from going the way of the dinosaur – deep down, the real car nuts inside and among us love cars that be inclined to consume the most fossils and naming a car after a dinosaur, however, is one more matter.

When Ford's Special Vehicle Team required differentiating its rip-roaring off-road pickup from the workaday F-150, they called it the Raptor. When Saleen planned a abstract successor to the S7 supercar, it also chose the name Raptor. But back in the day when both those teams of Ford presentation specialists were still hot-rodding the Fox-body Mustang, a small group in the Canadian region of Quebec was already building its own dino-named tribute, a three-wheeler called the T-Rex.

Having determined its newer, more Harley-like stablemate the V13R last summer, we returned to Montreal to take the T-Rex out for the day to answer the lingering question on our brains: Namely, is the T-Rex named after a dinosaur since it's been on the market for decades and should, by all accounts, be long since died out? Or is it so named because it's a disrespectful monster that will bite your head off and put away everything in its path?