Upcoming Kia minivan expected to draw cues through KV7 principle

Kia minivan

As we stated in May, the Kia Sedona minivan will omit the 2013 model year while its alternate is readied for market. A Kia spokesman explains Edmunds inside Line that the company still considers the minivan division significant and that the current Sedona should continue to be obtainable through 2012.

Though not established, Inside Line waits for the 2014 Sedona to get its in general minivan/crossover shape from Kia's KV7 idea car first seen at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. That backs up what we explained last January in Detroit. Kia's VP of marketing hinted to us then that the KV7 was not simply a styling exercise and that could one day move a production vehicle. Don't, however, hold out for the concept's fantastical gull wing doors, swiveling seats, LED gadget panel or LED headlights. However it will changes the car transport world

With the KV7 what we see upcoming ultimately is materials on the cars that we'd like to see integrated or getting a Kia that's Wi-Fi enabled, it's just a query of how soon.