Hyundai recalls 220,000 Sonata and Santa Fe version to replace airbags

Sonata and Santa Fe version

Hyundai is recalling certain Sonata and Santa Fe designs due to issues with the vehicles' safety bags(airbag).
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety management, certain 2012-2013 Sonata models may have been built with side-curtain airbags that may deploy inadvertently, potentially injuring occupants and greatly reducing driver visibility. Hyundai will replace those safety hand baggage at free of charge. 

Meanwhile, the airbag program in certain 2007-2009 Santa Fe crossovers may not identify smaller grownups in the front chairs, which means they could fall short to set up in a accident. Hyundai will upgrade the software that manages the airbag program cost-free. 

All told, the remembers cover 199,118 Santa Fe designs and 22,512 Sonata designs. While the Sonata strategy is predicted to begin next month, Hyundai hasn't provided NHTSA with an offer routine as of yet.