Spyker and Youngman agreement to develop D8 SUV and Phoenix-based range

Spyker and Youngman agreement

This indicates Spyker is enhancing its connections and car making capability with China carmaker Youngman. This comes in the awake of the brand's newest transactions with a $3 billion dollars court action against Common Engines regarding the death of Saab.

Youngman is allegedly making an investment €10,000,000 ($12.5M USD) for a 29.9-percent discuss in the organization. The stocks are being marketed for €0.05 (6.3 cents) each, comprising a completely watered down discuss. Youngman has said it will not take on more than the 29.9-percent discuss.

Furthermore, Youngman will spend €25,000,000 ($31M) for the growth of an all-new Spyker automobile, known as the D8 P2P, known as for the Peking-to-Paris move. The automobile had been proven as a idea by Spyker formerly, but factors had been silent since then. This indicates Spyker will now develop the exclusively designed D8 Concept proven above. The automobile is to release at the end of 2014 and bring a cost of $250,000 per automobile.

It also seems to be a second car variety will be designed, depending on the Arizona foundation. Though Saab may have, for all intents and requirements, gone under, Spyker has relocated the certification privileges of the Arizona foundation (the structure that was to underpin the next 9-3) to... itself. According to Youngman's CEO Pang Qingnian, "We have sensed all along that collaboration with Spyker had to be followed, even after we both unjustifiably missing to be able to rebuild Saab," he ongoing, "with this contract, many of our unique objectives with the Saab product will take form."

So while we keep see the improvements of Spyker's connection with the China car maker, it will be exciting to see just what automobiles create under this cope – both for the Spyker product as well as for Youngman.