Seven-seat Fiat 500XL revealed before Paris Show


The Fiat 500 persists its system of aggrandizement, going from the five-seat 500L and 500X to the seven-seat 500XL – that is, if these certain drawings and images from Fiat's Centro Stile are precise images of the future. The Fiat 500 is 11.6 feet long, appending the L included exactly two more feet, and the XL is said to be another six inches large more time in the back overhang to create space for that third row. The small U.S. Wide (SUSW) foundation it rests on will, so it is said, discovers its way under "an upcoming B-segment car cross-over." 

While the Fiat 500L is on its way to shops this season, the 500XL (if that stop being its production name) isn't predicted to hit shop surfaces until later in 2013. It is considered that it will not be arriving to the U.S., the gossip being that Fiat doesn't think People in america are prepared for a small seven-seater. We might see all of them at the Paris Motor Show next 30 days and get a manage on which Fiat 500 will go where.