Mazda revealed the details of upgraded 2013 Roadster a.k.a. MX-5 Miata

Mazda has introduced an epidemic of information on its 2013 Roadster, known internally as the MX-5 Miata. As you may recollect, images of the latest refresh made their way to the internet via a few snapped booklet photos. As it rolls out, those shots were spot on. The 2013 Japanese marital model (and most probably the North American one, too) will wear a heavily revised front fascia with an edition of the five-point lattice we first saw on the Spider Concept. Engineers have also modified the convertible's throttle and brake booster for better control as well.

As we perceive sound before, the JDM Roadster will also come with an active hood that will rise if sensors sense an impact at particular speeds to decrease the chances of pedestrian injury. Latest inside and outer surface colors have also complete their way to the alternative sheet for the first time as well. So Mazda 2013 Roadster will change the car transport system in future.