Chevrolet shows off body graphics for latest Sonic

ChevroletChevrolet now introduced a bunch of accessories for the 2012 sonic months earlier than the car hits the streets.

Chevrolet's early begin shows a confidence that the mostly young buyers of the car plan to begin tricking it out in no time. Chevy wants a piece of that action.

Among the stuff that Chevy is offering for the subcompact are accent packages with contrasting-color external parts and graphics that express the car's performance characteristics. The entire package goes under the unattractive name of Z-Spec, in house automaker talk for cars that are sold with the notion that purchasers will fix them up on their own.

"The latest Z-Spec accessories reinforce sonic's fun, youthful spirit," told Rick Scheidt, vice president for Chevrolet marketing. "Customization is particularly important with the clients we trust will gravitate toward the Sonic, and we want to help them make their vehicle look exactly the way they want as simply as possible." Chevy says