Volkswagen Jetta ranked last among small sedans by Consumer information

Volkswagen Jetta
The latest for 2011 Volkswagen Jetta received a new, far lower base cost tag of $15,995, but customer Reports evidently feels that the more affordable marker has come at too high of a price to the car itself. The buyer centric group ranked the Jetta dead previous among 11 small sedans tested for the April edition of its magazine.

David Champion, senior director of the group's Auto Test Center says, "In an effort to bring the car's starting cost down, VW cheapened the last Jetta's interior and suspension, making it less sophisticated and compromising handling."

CR isn't pulling any punches while describing why the sedan fares so badly, calling it "a shadow of the agile, well-finished car it once was." Ouch. Specially, the VW was dinged hard for sub-par handling and cornering grip, poor interior fit and finish and its coarse-sounding 2.5-liter, five cylinder. In addition, CR came away dissatisfied with long brake distances and a six-speed automatic that is reluctant to downshifting.