Landmark Accomplished: Toyota sells one million Prius hybrids in U.S.

ToyotaCalifornia Toyota dealers may or may not be running out of Priuses, but the hybrid is most certainly still famous. How else to give details the news that one million of the iconic fuel-mizers have been sold in the U.S., as Toyota just announced.

Back in mid-2008, the company told it had sold one million Priuses around the globe, which was a big enough agreement. To achieve that landmark, it took around five years; the first Prius was introduced over a decade back, but it was the second generation Prius (above), introduced in 2003, that actually sparked sales. It took Toyota only two more years to sell another million Priuses, and Toyota has sold over three million overall hybrids as of October 2010. That sounds impressive, but Charlie Sheen got 3.4 million supporters on Twitter in, like, a minute, so let's keep things in perspective.