Check brake components

Reasons for rejection

  • Brake pedals do not have an anti-slip surface across the complete surface;
  • Brake pedals or handles are broken or missing;
  • Brake control mountings, pivots, cables or links are kinked, loose, broken, excessively worn or binding;
  • A ratchet or locking device on a parking brake control does not hold the parking brake in the applied position;
  • Park brake control can be released with only one action;
  • Abrasions or cuts on brake hoses penetrate further than the outer protective covering;
  • Brake pipes, hoses and connections are cracked, broken, kinked, crimped, damaged by heat or have visible signs of leakage, swelling or bulging;
  • Brake drums or discs are not fitted or have missing pieces, or cracks other than short heat cracks inside the drums;
  • Drums or discs are worn beyond manufacturers specifications;
  • Any caliper, wheel cylinder or master cylinder leaks;
  • Linings or pads are contaminated with oil, grease or brake fluid;
  • The thickness of the linings or pads is less than the manufacturer’s recommended minimum. If this is not known or is no longer appropriate, the thickness of the linings or pads is less than