Check windscreen and windows

Reasons for rejection

  1. The wiped area of the windscreen in front of and on the same side of the vehicle as the driver, (shown in the following diagram as Area A), has:

  • damage (such as scoring, sandblasting or severe discolouration) that interferes with the driver’s view;
  • any bulls-eye or star fracture that exceeds 16 mm in diameter, or any two (2) of the following;
  • hairline crack up to 30 mm long;
  • a crack from the edge of the windscreen up to 75 mm long.

NOTE: Grooves in windscreens that are designed specifically to clean the wiper blades are not regarded as damage unless they affect the driver’s view. Approved grooving is usually identified by the installer.

  1. Any cracks in a laminated windscreen penetrate more than one layer of glass or are more than 150 mm long;
  2. Any glazing used in any motor vehicle is not safety glass (except a caravan) and where ADR 8 applies, the glass does not display an identification mark or symbol;
  3. Glazing is loose in its frame or cracked to the extent that sharp edges are exposed;
  4. Glazing, other than the windscreen, that is necessary for the driver to see the road is discoloured, obscured, badly scratched, sandblasted or fractured to the extent that it interferes with the driver’s view;
  5. Items that obscure the driver’s view are placed in Area A or the corresponding area on the other side of the windscreen.