Check exterior body panels and fittings

  • Exterior body work including mudguards, bullbars, roof racks etc on a vehicle have exposed sharp edges (including corrosion or accident damage) that could injure a person who comes into contact with that part of the vehicle;
  • Mudguards are not properly fitted to provide protection over the full width of the wheels and tyres and any mudguard does not extend inboard over the full width of the tyre/s (except where part of the body of the vehicle acts as a mudguard);
  • The bottom edge of mudguard and/or mudflap at the rear of any vehicle is higher off the ground that 1/3 of the horizontal distance between the centre of the axle and the mudguard;
  • Spray suppression devices are not fitted to ‘B’ Double combinations in accordance with Rule 33 Australian Vehicle Standard Rules or in those states that have granted exemption (eg: WA);