Visually inspect remote filled internally mounted containers

  • The compartment housing the container and its fittings, or the sub-compartment has electrical equipment other than the wiring connecting the contents gauge;
  • wiring is not insulated or secured at interval of not more than 600mm;
  • any conduit containing the piping and hoses which pass through an enclosed area of the vehicle is missing or damaged so that it allows venting to the inside of the vehicle;
  • the clamps for the conduit connections are missing or loose;
  • there are holes in the conduit through which wiring can be passed;

NOTE: Adhesives or sealing compounds are not acceptable as alternatives to mechanical clamps.

  • the container service valve is inoperable;
  • the seals for any sub-compartment do not provide a gas-tight seal;
  • the container space vent outlet is less than 250mm from the exhaust system.