Check fifth wheels/turntables

  • Where ADR 62 applies, the fifth wheel/turntable does not display the manufacturer’s name/trademark, nominal size (eg 50mm) and the gross mass rating;
  • The mating parts of a coupling used to connect a semi-trailer to a towing vehicle allow the semi-trailer to roll to an extent that makes the towing vehicle unstable (eg quick release turntable fitted to a ballrace turntable);
  • The top and bottom mounting flanges have insufficient effective fasteners (eg ballrace);
  • Fasteners either side of the mounting frame, plate or pivot brackets are insufficient or ineffective;
  • Fifth wheel/turntable mounting plate or sub frame assembly securing bolts are missing, broken or loose, or the fasteners are "U" bolts;
  • There is movement between the fixed mounting components;
  • There is more than 5 mm horizontal movement between:

* the pivot bracket pin and bracket, or
* a slider bracket and slide base.

  • There are cracks in mounting angles or plates, pivot brackets, slider components or coupler plates except for casting shrinkage cracks;
  • The fifth wheel pivot bracket pin/s or bushes are missing, insecure or excessively worn;
  • The locking mechanism on either side of a sliding coupling is missing, inoperative or excessively worn;
  • End stops on slides are missing or insecure;
  • King pin locking mechanism parts are missing, or damaged to the extent that the king pin is not securely held;
  • The top and bottom plates, flanges and welds are loose, cracked, missing or broken;
  • Ball bearing type turntables are worn beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, or to the extent that the upper and lower flanges or bearing halves touch each other or the ball bearings seize.