Delivering the goods: Guidance on delivery restrictions published

A concise overview of central and local government policy on road freight delivery restrictions was published today. The guide is designed to be used as a handy ready reference by local authorities, industry and the public.

It is hoped that the guide will inform dialogue between industry and local authorities, and be an accessible resource for local authorities that are considering alternatives to blanket delivery restrictions on existing businesses and new commercial developments.

In most cases, delivery restrictions have been imposed for good reasons, usually to protect the quality of life of the local residents. However, there may be circumstances where the public can still be protected even if delivery curfews are reduced by a couple of hours. Such flexibility has the potential to benefit local people through reduced congestion at peak times and reduced pollution. It could also benefit the industry by making journeys and delivery times more reliable. The guide will address these issues and help local authorities reviewing their commercial freight delivery policies.

Roads Minister Stephen Ladyman said:

"The haulage industry plays a vital role in all our lives, making sure we get the things that we want, when we want them. As new quieter technologies and environmentally friendly working practices develop it is important that industry and local authorities have the most up to date information and advice available to help them make decisions that affect us all".