Signals, Signs and Lights

  • Keep sharp look out for traffic signs, signals and road markings.
  • Be careful at cross-roads.
  • Where the traffic is regulated with the help of lights, stop where the light is ‘red’, get ready to move it is ‘yellow’ and move when it is ‘green’. In other senses, follow the hand-signals of the Traffic Policeman.
  • When you stop, stop only at the places meant for parking.
  • Use signal lights when you wish to turn.
  • Use the dipper at night.
  • See that your lights are in good condition and are properly adjusted. Do not use more lights than you need, but maintain proper illumination for smooth travel on roads.
  • There are three types of traffic signs: -

  1. Mandatory signs : Failure to follow them is punishable
  2. Cautionary signs : Failure to follow them is risky
  3. Informatory signs : Failure to follow them may cause inconvenience. Follow them carefully.

  • When you are about to turn to the right or are driving to the right hand side of the road I order to pass another vehicle, or for any other similar purpose, extend your right arm horizontally, out-side and to the right of your vehicle, with the palm of the hand turned to the front.
  • In case you are turning to the left, extend your right arm and rotate it in an anti-clock wise direction.
  • While slowing down, extend your right arm with the palm downward to the right of the vehicle and move the arm so extended, up and down several times, in such a manner that the signal can be seen by the driver of any vehicle which may be behind you. Do not forget to look at the mirror (rear view) well before slowing down.
  • When about to stop, raise your right forearm vertically outside and to the right of the vehicle keeping your palm facing the front.
  • When you wish to indicate to the driver of the vehicle following your vehicle, that he may overtake you, extend your right arm horizontally outside and to the right of the vehicle and swing the arm backward and forward in a semi-circular manner.
  • Do not forget to use your mirror and look around and give correct signals before moving your vehicle.
  • Drive the vehicle in conformity with any indication given by a mandatory traffic sign and in conformity with driving regulations and comply with all directions given to you by any police officer.

Stop the vehicle when any police officer in uniform or any officer of the Enforcement side of Transport Department give you signal to stop and produce all the documents on demand for examination.