Smart Roadside for Commercial Vehicles Operations

As part of the CVISN Deployment Program and other FMCSA initiatives, new roadside technologies/concepts of operations (e.g. wireless truck and bus inspections, hazardous material operational test, untethered trailer tracking, and vehicle-infrastructure communications) are being explored. Further, numerous non-FMCSA (e.g. Electronic Freight Manifest) and private sector initiatives will impact the adoption and use of onboard and vehicle-infrastructure technology by commercial vehicle operators. All of these efforts are anticipated to enhance some aspect of roadside operations, but greater integration and coordination, along with additional technology process changes, are required for the benefits to be fully realized. As such, FMCSA is developing the Smart Roadside for Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) project to integrate appropriate roadside and in-vehicle systems into a data sharing network.

The overall goal of Smart Roadside for CVO projects is to reduce crashes and provide faster crash scene management, provide more efficient and effective trips and operations, reduce infrastructure costs, and reduce congestion and delays. The project will facilitate changes in the way that commercial drivers, carriers, and public sector enforcement and operations personnel manage the safety, security, and mobility of trucks and buses on the nation highway system. The project will also integrate existing and emerging technologies, link CVO systems to other types of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and information technology investments, and create an information-rich roadside transportation system, where ITS provides critical information for users and managers of the system in a variety of formats and across a wide range of users.