Transport Usage in the Automotive Industry

The use of international air transport for emergency imports of components amounted to approximately 6000 tons in 2002, whilst exports amounted to 3000 tons for the same year.

The usage of road and rail by the automotive manufacturing industry, although complex and extensive, does not amount to significant tonnages overall.

Most of the fully built-up motor vehicles transported in South Africa now move by road on specialised vehicle carriers. The car transporters have sophisticated networks of vehicles transporting between Port Elizabeth and Durban from manufacturers and ports to the interior, and back-hauling vehicles produced inland for export and coastal distribution.

The estimated total tonnage (including the use of stillages, racks, cradles and packaging), moved for the industry is 1.4 million tons per annum for the 880 000 vehicles produced. Of this volume, an estimated 25% (or 350,000 tons p.a.) is transported in KZN.