Impact of crime on public transport

When people decide whether or not to travel by public transport, they are influenced by a range of factors that they can make a choice or decision about: time, cost, access, frequency etc. But personal security is another important factor that people will consider. In fact, crime and the fear of crime can be the most dissuasive of all.

Considering the number of journeys made on public transport in the UK - some six billion journeys are made by bus, coach or rail each year - actual incidences of crime against other passengers are extremely rare. And this is borne out in a recent survey (see below) whereby two-thirds of respondents felt that the level of security on public transport was either 'good' or 'very good’. London underground

However, the same survey found that 11.5% more journeys would be made on public transport if passengers felt they were more secure.

This is because for many people, their perception of crime on public transport can have as great an impact on travel habits as any actual experience. Indeed, for more vulnerable members of society, it can dissuade them from traveling altogether.