Guide to Hiring Bus Companies

  • the bus company's current USDOT safety rating, if issued, and the date of the company's last compliance review (on-site inspection by motor carrier safety authorities);
  • whether the company is authorized to transport passengers for hire;
  • whether the company has current insurance in force;
  • the company's record of regulatory violations and roadside out-of-service violations, with a comparison to national averages; and
  • the company's highway crash history.
  • Does the driver have a current commercial driver's license (CDL) with a passenger endorsement?
  • Does the driver possess a valid medical certificate?
  • Does the company have a driver drug and alcohol testing program that complies with U.S. DOT regulations?
  • Will your trip be completed within the legal limit of 10 driving hours? If not, will there be a second driver or overnight rest stop scheduled to legally complete the trip?
  • Does the company have its buses inspected annually? By whom?
  • Does the company have the required $5 million of public liability insurance?
  • Does the company subcontract with others for equipment and/or drivers? If so, what is the name of the second bus company and its USDOT number?
  • Does the company have notification procedures for roadside emergencies and breakdowns? Is the driver equipped with a wireless communications device?