Establishing rules of conduct:

* students are expected to board the bus promptly and carefully, to take their seats and to make sure that book bags and other belongings are not in the aisle.
* Students must remain seated and facing forward while the bus is in motion
* eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed on the school bus
* Children may speak and chatter amongst themselves quietly, but crying out or shouting are not allowed
* Passengers are not allowed to distract the driver
* Passengers must not open windows without permission.
* Passengers are not allowed to throw things about, or from the bus
* Fighting or horseplay is not allowed
The rules for safe school bus travel must be reasonable, clear and consistent, and conveyed to parents and children.
* The school bus driver is not only responsible for the safe transportation of school bus passengers, but also for their safety on the bus. Data provided by the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP) indicate that of about 350 injuries related to school vehicles, one- third were due to "horseplay or inappropriate activity" or "fighting".
* Drivers should abide by District Board of Education, school and school bus operator policies.
* To avoid problems, rules and responsibilities need to be established early, communicated, and maintained in a fair and consistent manner.
* do not ridicule students, or embarrass them in front of their peers
* treat passengers courteously and firmly. By showing respect, you will receive respect in return.
* explain the consequences their actions will have, and then follow through.
* do not argue or debate: explain the behavior expected; repeat if necessary so the student understands. Ask questions in a calm, respectful, curious voice. Avoid accusations by not asking "why are you ...”
* Never lose your temper. You are a leader and a professional.
* do not touch students. If, for example, a student requests that a window be opened, either ask an older student to assist, or ask the student to leave the seat and then open the window: do not squeeze into the occupied seat.