Loading and Unloading: some routing guidelines

Street crossings:
Loading and unloading are critical procedures where students are at greater risk. This is especially true when children must cross the street to board, or leave, their school bus.
Routes should be designed to minimize the number of crossings which children must make to board or leave the bus. Wherever possible, passengers should be picked up and dropped off on the right hand side (home side) of the road. There are computer programs, in use in many school systems, which can help in developing safe routes. Drivers can also provide input on bus route and bus stop characteristics. Parents should be advised to meet their children on the side of the street where the child is being dropped off. A child excited to see his or her parents may forget school bus safety rules and run to the parent without waiting for the signal to cross.
As well, procedures have been put into place for loading and unloading passengers, and for maximum safety, these must be followed at every stop.