FY 2009 TCRP Problem Statements Sought

TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program has issued a request for problem statements identifying research needed for TCRP’s FY 2009 program. Research problem statements for the TCRP FY 2009 program are due June 15, 2008. These submittals form the basis for selection of the annual TCRP research program. The TCRP undertakes applied research and technical activities focusing on the needs of transit operating agencies. Research is conducted in all areas of public transportation, including operations, policy, planning, service configuration, engineering of vehicles and facilities, maintenance, human resources, and administration. If you have submitted a research problem statement in a previous year that was not selected, but is still a relevant transit research topic, please feel free to resubmit the problem statement for consideration. There are many good research topics that are not selected each year simply due to the level of funding available. Research problem statements must be resubmitted each year to receive further consideration. Submitting a research problem statement is easy. So, if you have any potential research topics, TRB would welcome your submission. New projects will be selected in the Fall of 2008.